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Related post: Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 12:43:36 -0800 (PST) From: Rc Broadstone Subject: "Raising Shep"My name is Will Young, and I'm thirty-five years old. I lost my wife, Kathy, to cancer after only ten years of marriage. I was left alone to raise my eleven year old son, Shep, by myself. After she was gone, I never thought anyone could be as lonely as I. There were times when my life seemed so empty that I wondered if it was worth hanging on.Kathy was the most beautiful woman I'd ever known. Her breasts were large and full. How many times I'd buried my face between them. She often held them together with her hands as I fucked between boy european model them and then shot my load onto her mouth. She was so beautiful as she licked her lips clean. Her pussy was like a glorious entrance to Heaven. I supped at the altar of those gentle pink folds of cunt. As my own cum oozed out of it, mixed with her warm juices, I thought of it as the nectar of the Gods. 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In the shower, in the car, in my office under the desk, in the backyard under the moon. Anywhere. I took to viewing pornographic sites on the internet. I paid to watch videos of men and women preeteen models photos fucking and sucking and fantasized that they were actually Kathy and me. I jacked off as I watched and, when the two actors went into orgasm, I would let my cum fly and imagine that Kathy and I were having simultaneous orgasms, which we often did.With all my grief, I did my best nude swiss models to be both father and mother to Shep. I tried never to show my frustrations around him. I knew he was also hurting from losing his mother, and I tried to keep a happy face for his sake. His mother was very private when it came to sex. She always wanted our door locked so Shep wouldn't walk in. She hated it when Shep would sometimes see me naked coming out top model preeten of the shower or getting dressed in the morning. In that respect, she was a bit of a prude. 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I have two clerks who come in and work part-time for me in my office. Over the year following Kathy's death, there had been no thought that I would date another woman. It seemed unthinkable. But both my clerks ganged up on me several times, urging me to get out into the world again and find some nice woman to date.As it happened a young woman did come to my home office wanting to engage me in handling some of the financial aspects of her interior design shop. Her name was Denise. duch teen model She was tall and slender with blond hair cut just above her shoulders. She had spectacular tits, much of which showed behind her low V-neck blouse. They were set off beautifully by a deep cleavage, and her large nipples were clearly visible through her thin blouse. She was very business-like and we talked for the 14x81 model homes better part of an hour.When we were through, I suddenly felt compelled to ask her to go to dinner with me that evening. 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My hard-on was killing me. I took her hand in both of mine."I really had a wonderful time at dinner, and I really like you," I said."And same here," she said. "Would you like to come in for a while for a night cap. Both Mom and Bobby are in bed by now."We went in and she poured atk models marsha two small glasses of brandy. We sat on the sofa together and, before I knew it, I put my arms around her shoulders and kissed her. She responded with a very deep French kiss, and I nuzzled up closer to her taking her fully into my arms. She did the same."I've looked forward to this all evening," she said. "Would you like to stay a while?""Of course. If you'd like me to."She rose and took my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom, a luxurious suite full of lace and pillows and a full king-sized bed."Here, let me," she said, as she took off my sport coat, my tie and began unbuttoning my shirt.We were soon both naked and standing in the middle of the room wrapped in each other's arms. 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What a hot piece of ass she was. sandrateen model bikini She bucked her whitney model sharonmodel set hips hard against my pelvis. Her periodic groans told me she had gone through at least two orgasms before I had mine. It had been so long since I had fucked a good hot cunt. To have my brooke the model penis wrapped in the folds of her warm wet pussy could never be matched by never-ending hand jobs.As I pulled out, she said, "Now go down and suck young sarah models your cum out of my pussy.""What? Are you serious?""Yes. You'll like it. My husband loved it."I didn't want to do anything that would disappoint this gorgeous female. So I plunged my mouth down on her wet cunt and let my cum dribble into my mouth. God, it was good."Now before you swallow it all, scoot up her and kiss me."After more rolling around and caressing and kissing, I finally got up and said I needed to get home to make sure Shep was okay.Denise and I got together like that a number of nights in the coming weeks. One night, I was curious teengirl modeling pic and asked her some questions."How often did you have other men in bed with you and your husband? And were they different men?""Fairly often. And, yes, they were different men, except for one, who was a regular, so to speak.""Is he someone I would know," I asked."Probably not. He was our son.""Your son? You must be kidding.""No, not at all. I suppose you're shocked.""Yes, I building model sails am shocked.""Jack believed there should be no secrets in the family when it came to sex. He indoctrinated Bobby to it starting when he was a baby. Jack died when Bobby was twelve---just when he was beginning to perform like a man.""You mean he . . . you know . . . he participated fully in sex with his father?""Yes, and with me, too."I was indeed shocked. It never occurred to me that I would draw my son Shep into my own sexual activity. I could never do that."Denise," I said, "Saturday is Shep's twelfth birthday. I was planning on using that occasion to give him the Birds and the Bees talk that every father should do. You know, the facts of life. Now that he's well into puberty. But I don't think I can ever suggest having him involved with me sexually."Denise went to her bottom dresser drawer and pulled out a DVD. "Will, when you have that talk with him, you should tell him everything about sex. Don't leave anything to his imagination. Take this DVD and show it to him. It's a fuck video with a man and his wife and their teenage son. When you talk to him about how babies are made, and all that, philipne nude model you need to let him know about the pleasure of sex. With this DVD, he'll see exactly how fucking is done and how pleasurable it is."I shook my head. "I don't like the idea of showing him something where the couple's son is involved with them sexually. That just doesn't seem right.""Well," Denise said, "Suit yourself. But I think you should let him make up his own mind whether it's right or not. I believe in being open and telling it like it is."On Shep's birthday, I took him to a steak house for a good dinner . . . a lot better than I could cook for him. I french model nude told him that, when we went home, we were going to sit down and I was going to tell him about the nudemodels kds facts of life.It was a warm night, and when we returned home, we both took our nighttime showers and went into the family room. We sat naked on the sofa as we always did while watching TV. I began by describing the male and female anatomy, about how men's sperm connects with the woman's egg to produce a fetus. Then I moved into the subject of sexual desire."Shep, have you ever felt a strange attraction to a girl in school?""Yes.""Does it give you an odd feeling of excitement? And does it make your penis get hard when you think of her?""Yes.""Well, that means you would like to have a sexual relationship with her. 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She understood.""Did you do it when you were in bed with her?""Sure. Sometimes she jacked me off. But a lot of times I jack off in the shower. You'll learn sometime how much fun that is when you get all lathered up."My penis was now gorged and hard. I could feel it throbbing as I talked. I also noticed Shep's cock was hard. I hadn't really noticed before, but his was almost as big as mine."I'm not sure how to do it, Dad.""Like this," I said. "There are a lot of different ways, uk amateur model but just wrapping your fist around it and stroking it up and down is the most common."Bobby watched as I grabbed hold of my cock and stroked it several times. He then took realy young models hold of his own and stroked it like I was doing.He stopped and looked at me. "But how do you do it when your cock is inside of a woman's pussy. How does that work?""Well, Shep, you just push it in and out. That does the same thing as what your hand does."I thought about the DVD that Denise had given me. That video would show Shep exactly how a man fucks a woman. I hadn't been sure I would show it to him. But what the hell. He might as well know the whole story. I went upstairs and got the DVD out of my briefcase."Now, childmodel net ush1mail Shep, I'm going to show you how a man and a woman fuck. Not that you should be doing it at your age. It's just so you'll know what goes on."I put on the DVD. I'd forgotten that the teenage boy would be in it. But it was too late now. The scene opened in a bedroom with the mother slowly undressing the father until he was naked with a blazing hard-on. Then russian premodels the father slowly undressed his son until he was also naked and with a raging hard-on. They all climbed onto the bed and lay on their sides. The woman immediately took the father's cock in her mouth and began sucking it furiously. At the same time, the son began licking his mother's wet cunt.I was stunned. I realized I should have looked at this DVD before I showed it to Shep. teen model posts Shep's eyes seemed bugged out and his mouth hung open as he clutched his own hard cock."Shep," I said, "I'll explain what you're looking at when it's over."Suddenly, the son moved around on the bed and got into position so his father could suck his cock, while his own cock was being sucked by the mother. Bobby continued to stare speechless at the spectacle. Soon, the father had the mother on her back with legs in the air. He mounted her, wetted his penis with his saliva and pushed it into her pussy up to the hilt. Then he began pumping her."Shep," I said. "This is what I wanted you to see. This is how the man stimulates his cock so that his sperm will shoot into her. His cock is stimulated by friction with her cunt just as it would be when you use your hand."Shep didn't move his eyes from the screen, but I could see his hand slowly stroking his beautiful cock. I don't know why I suddenly thought Bobby's cock was beautiful, but it was.After pumping his wife for several minutes, the father pulled out. His son then lay on his back and pulled his thighs up against his chest. The father pushed his cock up into his son's ass crack until it disappeared into the boy's rectum. As he pumped his son's ass, the mother stood over the boy and lowered her crotch onto her son's face, where the boy immediately slashed around and in her cunt with his tongue. While he did that, he jacked off his own cock.Soon the mother pulled her cunt off of her son's face, and the father pulled out and shot his load of thick creamy cum onto his son's face with a loud yell as nude colombian models he went through his orgasm. The mother then got down and licked her son's face clean. The father and the son then changed positions, and the son mounted his father. He pushed his cock into his father's asshole with a violent thrust. In only a minute or two, he came. He pulled out and shot stream after stream of his hot cum into his mother's waiting mouth.Shep was now stroking faster. I noticed great streams of semen dripping from my own cock. I wasn't sure how I was going to explain to Shep the things, other than the father fucking the mother.The video finally ended after several more sexual acts among the three of them. Shep stopped stroking.I said, "Shep, you now know how fucking is done. And I see you're doing well in stroking your own cock.""Yeah, but Dad, it feels kind of good, but I can't shoot anything like they did in the video. Am I doing it right? fashion model voyeur How hongkong model nude do you do it? Show me."My cock was raging and I felt as though model sex tapes I was getting a case of the blue-balls. I took hold of my cock and stroked the whole length of it."Shep, be sure when you stroke it, make sure your hand goes up over the head, as well. The sensitivity of the photographing nude models head as well as that little string right below it will help."As I stroked, Shep watched and did as I did. cp models forum For some reason I was turned on by the sight of my son jacking his cock. I couldn't hold it. My orgasm grabbed hold of my body like a wrench and as small business models I felt the muscle at the base of my penis cramping, I shot volley after volley of hot sperm onto my thigh. Just then, as Shep models angels saw this, I could tell he was entering into his first orgasm. He cried out as his own cum spurted out and flew all over the place---on his stomach, legs, my arm, and on the floor.He fell back on the sofa and, gasping for air, he said, young titts models "God, I've never felt anything like this. I want to do it again.""Sorry," I said, patting the soft hair that was beginning to show on his thigh. "You have to wait a few hours. Also, you'll have to learn how to aim your cock when you cum.""Dad, did that man and his son really fuck each other in the ass, or was it just make-believe?""No, it was real. Some men adolescents erotic models like to do that with each other. It apparently feels just as good as fucking a woman.""But it must hurt to do that.""They say it doesn't.""And they put each other's cocks in their mouth, too.""Well, Shep, that is something all people do to find excitement during sex.""But their cum goes into their mouths.""It doesn't hurt you, Shep. model simple hovercraft Cum is just water and a little protein. It's harmless. But it tastes good. Here, I'll show you." I chubby nn model scooped up some of my cum from my thigh and licked it off my fingers. "It's good. Try it with your own."Shep scooped up some of his own cum and tasted it. "Yeah, it's good."That night, I lay in bed stroking. I'd felt a strange attraction to Shep as I watched him jack off and shoot his load. He was now a sexual person, and I couldn't ignore that.The next day, Denise came to the door. She had a package in her hand. "I wanted to give you a birthday present, Shep. Happy Birthday."I introduced them. "Shep, this is Denise. She's a client of mine and a good friend.""I can't stay," Denise said. "I have endless errands to do. See you tonight, Will?"After she left, I sat down again with Shep. I needed to explain. "Shep, you know since your Mom died, it's been kind of lonely for me. You know, I'm only thirty-five and I miss the company of a woman. I hope you can understand that. I've been seeing Denise from time to time. I've been with her on those evenings I was out. austin nude models I want you to know about that. I also want you to understand something else. After all the teenmodel untitled things you and I have talked about last night, I'm sure you understand that my relationship with her is a sexual one."I waited for a moment to see his reaction. He smiled and nodded agreeably."We've been at her house those evenings, but I think I want to have her stay at our house with me sometimes. blond amateur models Would that be okay with you.""Sure, Dad. I understand. You want to do those things we saw on the video.""You're a smart boy, fitness model nude Shep. I hoped you'd understand about the needs of your father."I called Denise later and invited her to come to our house the next night. She said her mother was in the hospital having some tests done, but she didn't want to leave her son Bobby alone in the house. On an impulse, I told her to bring him along, and he could stay with Shep. He had twin beds. She accepted the invitation. Afterward, I worried that I'd done the wrong thing. Since Bobby was heavy into sex with both men and women, I wasn't sure I wanted Shep model teen pattycake to be exposed to that 101 teenie models kind of influence.When they erotic supermodel arrived, I put in a pizza for our supper. modelos colombianas sexo Bobby was a very friendly christina model member type, and Shep invited him to go up to his room where they could talk. I expressed my concern to Denise about having the two of them together. I wasn't ready to have Shep learning to do the things that Bobby did."Don't worry about it, Will," Denise said. "Bobby isn't going to force anything on him. I talked to him about that before we left home."Denise had brought with her another DVD and we sat and watched it together in the family room. We kissed and fondled each other. I got her off twice with my fingers. Then we went up artist female models to my room. Before we went in, though, we heard the boys talking in Shep's room. His door was slightly ajar and we could hear them clearly. We stood in the hall listening.Bobby said, "You've got a neat computer. Do you ever look at the hot porno sites?""No.""Here, let me show you my favorite one. See. I really love to watch these gang bangs. I like to jerk off looking at these hot videos. My dad bought a bunch of these videos before he died. We'd watch them for hours jerking off.""You watched them with your dad?" Shep said."Sure. And my Mom, too. Hey, look at that. He's going down on that other guy. That is so cool. Drop your pants, Shep, and jerk off with me while we watch.""Okay," Shep said.I was glad Shep had learned how to jack off so he wouldn't embarrass himself.Bobby said, "Here Shep lie up there on the bed. Wow, you got a nice set of balls there. Would you like a good blow job?""Yeah."Then I heard nothing, assuming Bobby was sucking off my son.Bobby said, "Does that hurt with my finger up your ass? I like doing that while sucking cock."There was nothing but silence from the room for a long time. I tried to peer into the room through the small crack of the door. Getting my head just in the right position, I could see Bobby tongue-fucking my boy.I turned to Denise and whispered, "Oh my God, Bobby's rimming my son.""Don't be alarmed," she said. "I've no doubt your son loves every minute of it. I'm convinced that all men and boys, no matter who they are, have a little bisexuality in them. Let them have their fun."Just then I heard Bobby's voice. "Come on, Shep, let's go in and see what my mom and your dad are doing.""I don't know if we should," Shep said. "They might get mad.""Haven't you ever seen your claire child model dad fucking before?""No. Is that what they're doing.""Well, sure. That's what they do, and a lot of other things, when your dad's at our house.""Really?"I took Denise's hand and rushed into my bedroom and closed the door. Denise undressed me and pushed me down on the bed."My God, Denise, what am I going to do? I can't let Shep see me like this.""Relax, Will. teens model russian He'll get used to it, and I'm sure he'll love it before we're done with him."She stripped off her clothes and spread my legs. She put her head in my crotch and started sucking my balls. The door flew open, and in walked the two naked boys. They stood there by the bed. Bobby was smiling and stroking his hard cock. Shep stared at my crotch as Denise ran her tongue around my balls and up the underside of my raging hard-on.For some stupid reason, I blurted out, "I'm sorry, Shep."Denise looked up at Shep and said, "I hope you're not embarrassed, Shep."A smile curled around Shep's lips. "No. Dad showed me a video about what people natural panty model do. And he said it's all right and a lot of fun."While I lay there, still in a bit of shock, Denise sat up and took Shep's hand. "Come up on the bed, Shep. Have you ever seen a woman's nipples. You probably sucked on nipples just like these when you were a baby. I'd love to have you suck on mine."Shep jumped onto the bed and put his lips on one of her nipples. I saw his tongue swirling faster and faster over them. He obviously enjoyed it. Then kinder models naked Denise laid down and, with her fingers, spread the lips of her cunt."Have you ever seen a woman's pussy, Shep?""Yes, I saw it on the video.""Would you like to touch it? Right here on this spot. It will make me feel very good."I watched Shep touch his finger to her clit. She gasped and said it felt good. Shep smiled."Now put two or alex young model three of your fingers into it and push them all the way in. That's it. This is where you can put your cock when you're ready."Suddenly, Denise's son Bobby was on top of me, swallowing the full length of my cock. Denise said, "See Shep, it will be a wonderful feeling to have your cock sucked.""I know," said Shep. "I saw it in the video and Bobby did it to me, too, in my room.""Would you like to see what it's like to have a cock in your mouth?" Denise said. "Bobby, pull off of Mr. Young and let Shep try it."Shep seemed so eager. My shock deepened as I watched Shep's face moving down close to my cock. Then he sucked in the head of it, and I could feel his tongue swirling around it. Shit, I thought, this boy's a master cocksucker right from the start. And he obviously loves it. I've often had my cock sucked, but to have it in my own son's mouth about blew my mind. He was on his knees, leaning over as he sucked in almost the whole length. Denise lay on child model foto her back and scooted under Shep's stomach. She took the boy's hard cock into her mouth and sucked it in rhythm with his up and down sucking of mine.I reached over and pulled his head off of my cock. "I don't want to cum yet, son." He had a big smile on his face as he licked his lips.Bobby quickly moved toward me and lifted my legs up against my chest. Shep watched him as Bobby ran teens model toplist his tongue over my asshole little star model and flooded it with saliva. When he moved up and started to mount me, I held up my hands."No, Bobby. You were going to fuck me, weren't you. I don't want that. I've never done that before." I wasn't telling the whole truth. Denise had fucked me with her dildo.Bobby said, "I'll loosen you up a little. My tasteful asian model dad taught me how." Bobby slowly slipped his finger into my asshole, and then two fingers. God, it felt good, especially when he wiggled his fingers around.""Okay," I said. "I think you can try it." In spite of myself, I was kind of chunky teen model eager to have a real cock up my ass.I watched Shep's face as Bobby buried his whole cock into my rectum. It felt so good. I was getting so horny, I just couldn't little models picture worry about Shep anymore. He was obviously enjoying all of this enormously. I was glad. Bobby pounded young models galleries my ass like a jackhammer, fast and furious. The pressure and friction of his cock on my prostate made me feel like I was getting close to an orgasm. Just as I felt Bobby's cock expanding and throbbing against the rim of my asshole, my orgasm hit me and I spewed out huge globs of tiny skinny models cum all over my chest and neck. Both Bobby and I let out a yell when we came.Bobby pulled out and leaned over to modeling tgp lick up my cum. teen models forbidden But Shep pushed him aside and fell on me, lapping up every drop of it. Without thinking, I pulled his head down to mine and kissed him furiously, tasting my own cum on his lips and tongue.As the night progressed, both Bobby and I fucked vlad rusian models Denise. Now I'd lost my reticence and was glad that Shep could see his father fucking.Later, Shep said, "Dad, would you fuck bd xxx model me? Please. I want to feel your cock inside of me. I want to know what it feels like."Shep lay on his back and brought his legs up tight against his chest. As I peered into his sweet little pink asshole, I could feel my penis throbbing with excitement. Until that night, the thought of fucking my own son was unthinkable. It never crossed my mind that I would ever want to fuck any man's asshole. But now I felt intense desire and craving sweeping over my body.I leaned over and ran my tongue over his beautiful hole. It sent shivers all through me. I felt his hole loosen up as though it were begging me to enter. I mounted him, pulling close to him. He looked up at me with a look of love and longing I'd never before seen in his eyes. He smiled the sweetest smile I'd ever seen.I touched the tip of my penis to his asshole and then gently pushed it in. His hole black swimsuit models opened for me and it teen runway models went in smoothly all the way to the hilt. I could feel him pushing up his hips as though he wanted me to go deeper. I started pumping him slowly at first, then faster and faster. Shep closed his eyes and moaned with pleasure. It was as though the two of us wanted this all our lives, and our dream was now coming true.As I pumped in and out, sweat was rolling off my face onto his stomach. Just then Bobby got on his knees next to Shep's head and touched his hard cock against Shep's lips. Shep opened teenmodels 14y o his mouth and took the full length of Bobby's hard cock down his throat.I almost became dizzy with the realization that my little boy had two hard cocks pumping into him at once, and loving it. Oh, and how I was loving it, too.Bobby and I were both pumping our cocks in and out of Shep simultaneously at the same rhythm. Bobby said, "Mr. Young, let's try to shoot our cum at the same time. My dad and I used to do that when I fucked him and my mom was sucking him off."I slowed down a little, trying to make this momentous act last as long as possible. When I slowed, Bobby slowed. After many minutes, I knew I couldn't last must longer. I nodded to Bobby, and he knew I was about ready to blast. Suddenly, I felt the muscle at the base of my cock begin to cramp like it was in a vise. I pounded models non nudes Shep's ass harder and harder and could feel my cock throbbing in my son's rectum at each volley of sperm I shot into him. At the same time, Shep sucked on Bobby's cock faster and faster. Opening my eyes, I saw Bobby's balls shrink up into his body just as he let out a growl. Shep kept sucking, and I watched Bobby's thick white cum oozing out around Shep's lips and down over his cheek.I was exhausted, but continued to support myself on my sandlmodels galleries arms above Shep, and watched him trying to suck every drop out of Bobby's cock.As I pulled my shrinking penis out of my son's asshole, Shep said, "Do it again, Dad."We all laughed at that. I leaned over and kissed him on the lips, tasting Bobby's cum. I said, "You know Shep what your mother used to call me?""No.""She called me a mother-fucking male slut. She meant it as a compliment. I think that can pretty well apply to you now."Shep laughed. "Oh, wow. I'm a mother-fucking slut. I wish you'd call me that all the time."It was in the wee hours when Bobby and his mother went home. After they left, Shep and I stayed in my bed, the sheets now all wet with cum and sweat. It felt erotic to lie in it. Shep lay with his head on my hairy chest, flicking his tongue over one of my nipples."Dad, why are our nipples so much smaller than Bobby's mom's?"Well, that's because all fetuses in the mother's womb start out as females. That's a fact. So all fetuses have nipples. But then as the fetus grows, the male homones kick in. The nipples stay the same, but in girls a mammary gland develops making their tits and nipples bigger. Also there is a gland down between all fetus's legs curvy nude models that, for boys turns into testicles, but for girls it turns into her ovaries. You know I explained to you in our talk about the function of a man's balls and a woman's ovaries."Shep snuggled up to me closer. "Dad, I'm glad we turned out to be men. I love my penis and balls. And I love yours."Shep reached down and cupped my balls in his hand. "And I love hairy balls like yours. I wonder if my balls will get hairy when I grow up.""I'm sure they will." I said. "I also hope they do because I like hairy balls, too."As I felt Shep's hand touching my cock, it started to get hard. "You know, Shep. There are a couple of things you haven't learned to do, yet. You've kind of neglected me tonight." I said this jokingly. "You know you haven't fucked me or sucked me off yet. I feel kind of left out.""Aw, Dad. I didn't mean to neglect you. I did try to suck your cock, but you told me to stop and said you didn't want to cum yet." Shep brought petite model contest his face up to mine and ran his warm tongue in between my lips.""I'm just kidding, son. But since you're mini model child my mother-fucking slut now, maybe you'd like to either suck me until I cum or fuck me before we go to sleep.""I want to fuck you, Dad."I brought my legs up so my thighs were against my chest. Shep took hold of one of my legs and ran his tongue down over the soft hair that covered it."I hope I have nice hairy legs someday like you have. They taste good on my tongue."As he had seen Bobby and I do, he pushed his face into my hairy crack and filled it with his saliva. 100 nonudemodels Almost like a pro, he mounted me and pushed his cock into me all the way. He started pounding his pelvis against my ass just like he'd seen Bobby do. He had that same loving look in his eyes as when I fucked him. I knew then that we were truly at one with each other. He and I would be together forever. It was only several minutes when I felt his cock throbbing and slapping against the asain pantie models wall of my rectum. He closed his eyes, his face was contorted as his orgasm took over his body. He threw his head back and rocked it from side to side as his warm sperm poured into me.When it was over, he looked at me, and I said, "Shep, that was the best fuck I think blanco soto model I've ever had. I love you so much."He didn't say anything. He just smiled, and lowered his face into my ass crack again. I could hear him slurping and sucking his cum out of my asshole. He looked up at me and grinned, while cum dribbled down his chin. Then he took hold of my legs and stretched them out straight. My cock stood up erect, perfectly vertical. He spread my legs apart and pulled up between them. He licked his tongue up the whole length of my cock, as it throbbed and slapped him in the nose with each lick. He giggled, and then slowly wrapped his sweet lips around the head. He licked off gobs of pre-cum.Shep turned his eyes toward me and stared into mine as he ran his lips down over the full length of my turgid rod. He kept those beautiful eyes of his on mine as model erika mena he ran my cock in and out of messageboard lia model his mouth. As he did so, I could feel his tongue swirling around the head, driving me to a frenzy. I bucked my hips a little, wanting every inch of my hard penis in his throat. As he continued to suck, he ran his hands lightly over the light hair on my legs. It tickled so erotically that it was bringing on my orgasm sooner than I'd wanted. But there was no holding back. Like an explosion, my cock erupted in his pretteen art models mouth and I could see his throat convulsing as he swallowed my sperm.Soon, we were back in each other's arms. Hot and sweaty and smelly. Shep's moist skin smelled so good to me."Dad, skirt boy model did mom really call you a mother-fucking male slut?""She sure did. It kind of turned me on to hear her call me that. And it turned her on when I called her a smelly-cunt whore."Shep laughed. "Can you and I talk dirty to each other while we're fucking and sucking. It'll be fun.""Sure, you cocksucking asshole.""And you're nothing but a cum-licking boy-pussy eater, super model blowjob Dad."We laughed and laughed, but were soon sound asleep in each other's arms. I was lonely no more. I don't condone sexual activity between adults and minors. This story is merely an erotic masturbation fantasy born out of my own dirty little mind. As always, I would appreciate comments from readers, positive or negative. And I will respond to all with my gratitude. 14yo model galery When writing, please show the title of the story in the Subject line.R. C.
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